Our Curriculum

Research has shown that children learn best when they are actively engaged in the process.  The classrooms at Discovery School are set up to create active hands-on learning experiences and our environment is prepared to allow children daily opportunities to select activities from a variety of learning areas.  These areas include dramatic play, blocks, science, math, manipulative, art, music, reading and listening, and sand and water.  

Opportunities are provided for the development of small and large motor skills both indoor and outdoors.  Our teachers observe, guide and facilitate by asking open-ended questions, offering suggestions, and adding materials and ideas.  

The daily schedule provides for a balance of child-initiated and teacher-directed activities.  

Our Classes

Two's Program

Two Year Old Class

Children in our two year old class gain a sense of self, learn social relation skills, communication and language skills, number concepts, early quantity, colors and shapes in a hands-on environment. 

Three's Program

Three Year Old Class

Children will begin to recognize and write upper case alphabet letters, name recognition, rhyming words, letter sounds, number recognition and simple counting skills through the use of Handwriting Without Tears and HighScope's Growing Readers and Numbers Plus curriculum.  

Pre-Kindergarten Program

Pre-Kindergarten Class

Our Pre-K class follows the Texas Education Agency's (TEA) Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines for Kindergarten Readiness.  The Children will enhance their skills through upper and lower case letter recognition, upper and lower case writing, beginning and ending word sounds. number recognition, and addition and subtraction.  They will continue to expand and develop Literacy and Math skills through Handwriting Without Tears, and HighScope's Growing Readers and Numbers Plus curriculum.  We also use HighScope's Early Literacy Assessment with our Pre-K Class.  Children in this class also experience Science, Social Studies, and cooking activities.

Bridge Program

Bridge Class

The Bridge Class at Discovery School is designed for children who will be 5 years old by September first, but will not be entering Kindergarten in the fall.  Whether your child needs another year to grow academically or emotionally, this class will guide them on to the skills necessary for kindergarten success.  In this class the children will review the skills learned in Pre-K and expand on them to meet in the middle between Pre-K and Kindergarten.  

Creative Movement

Creative Movement Class

Each classroom enjoys daily time of physical creative movement during which they learn music appreciation and experience large and small motor skills through a variety of mediums. 

In Addition

Children in all age groups:     

*Participate actively in a daily Bible time and playground time.

* Spend time each week experiencing activities in our STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) lab.  

Beginning in our three year old classes, children will also experience:

* iPads in the Classroom

* Chapel Time

In addition our Pre-K and Bridge classes experience:

*Weekly Spanish Time